Our exclusive program identifies the teens’ lost passion and forgotten goals. We then help them to reignite their Lifespark or enthusiasm for life.
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About Rehab for Teens Treatment Center

There are often two main causes for substance abuse among teens.
1. They are doing it in an attempt to escape from underlying traumatic issues present in their lives or
2. To emulate certain public figures or celebrities. Eventually, drugs and alcohol may lose their appeal. Unfortunately however, by the time that happens, teens may already be stuck in the snares of addiction. In some cases, it may get to the point where they have been labeled by peers and mentors and possibly even criticized by loved ones. Situations like these often leave teens wondering how they could possibly turn their lives around.

One thing to remember is that when a teenager is caught up in the world of drug and alcohol addiction, there is still hope. All that’s needed is a special treatment approach. Addiction often times comes accompanied by other factors such as behavioral issues- apathy, hostility etc. and other social issues as well. To remedy these conflicts, it is best to come from a place of positivity. Here at Rehab for Teens, we use the teen savers drug rehab approach because of its less formal and institutionalized nature which is more effective in our facility due to the fact that we are a teen residential treatment center.

The teen savers approach treats the addiction as well as identifies and analyzes the underlying cause of the addiction. With over 25 years’ experience in teen drug abuse treatment, teen alcohol rehab and behavioral therapy, our team of professionals is qualified to provide a customized treatment program that produces guaranteed results.

Teen Drug Abuse

Teen Drug Rehab Center, CA

Rehab for Teens is not like any other teen rehab centers. Usually, our clients who enter in our teen rehab program are dealing with a lot more than just substance abuse. Teenage alcoholism is a problem of epidemic proportions. Like previously stated with drug abuse, alcohol consumption most often begins out of a desire to emulate, conform, forget or escape something. Unfortunately, most teenagers are too young to foresee the long term effects their actions may cause. This rings especially true with drug and alcohol consumption. The teen savers approach to teen drug rehab is to encourage independence and self-esteem. We use positive methods and reinforcement to instill the message that they can live a happy and fulfilling life without using drugs.

However, we do not compartmentalize a teen’s problems into “drug addiction” or “alcohol addiction.” Instead, we take a custom-designed treatment approach to treat every patient’s addiction, if present, along with any co-occurring disorders. The qualified professionals at Rehab for Teens accomplish their mission through positive reinforcement, constructive social interaction and steady contact between teens and their supportive family members.

Typically, drug and alcohol addictions often coincide with self- image issues as well as behavioral and emotional issues such as: bipolar disorder, anorexia, bulimia nervosa, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and schizophrenia. Our team recognizes these symptoms and effectively formulates treatments for each of these unfortunate afflictions.

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