Our exclusive program identifies the teens’ lost passion and forgotten goals. We then help them to reignite their Lifespark or enthusiasm for life.
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Teen Challenge Rehab Treatment

One of the hardest and most necessary things to do in order to start the process is to confront your teen. This may not be an easy step but once again, you are not alone. Rehab for Teens’ counselors have the training, qualifications and experience to coordinate successful interventions anytime, anywhere. They will defuse the intensity of the situation, moderate productive discussions and provide safe escort to the Rehab for Teens center in southern California.

Interventions & How They Work:

Drug Intervention Programs for Teens, CA

Intervention today would not exist were it not for Vernon Johnson. Mr. Johnson’s original idea was to create a “controlled crisis” for the addict who was reluctant to enter into treatment. Interventions, when conducted by a trained professional, have been proven to be 96% successful in convincing a reluctant teen with drug or alcohol addiction to enter into treatment.

Today there are several variations of the Johnson method. Our staff is trained in the original Johnson method, as well as other techniques developed exclusively by our own treatment team.

Intervention breaks through the person’s denial by approaching several of his/her “walls” at once. Removing or short-circuiting the person’s defense mechanisms allows the family to present the truth about his/her problem in a calm, rational and loving manner.

Does My Child Need A Desire To Get Help In Order For Teen Drug Treatment To Be Successful

No! This is a myth. A child does not necessarily need to desire help in order to change or benefit from drug treatment. Actually, and estimated 85% of the youth admitted to our teen drug rehab centers do so in denial or under parental duress. Don’t let your child’s behavior deter your decision for treatment. Intervention is a successful tool for getting your child safely into treatment.

We fly anywhere in the world to conduct an Intervention. Upon completion, we will then escort your loved one back to Rehab for Teens to insure a safe trip, as well as, to insure a smooth transition into our teen addiction treatment centers.

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